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Held on 25-26 Nov 2023 – Online – Pakistan

All the contents published in this abstract book have been peer reviewed.


We are delighted to present the abstract book of the International Conference on Life and Chemical Sciences (ICL & CS), held on November 25-26, 2023. This compilation captures the essence of the conference’s endeavors in exploring the forefront of scientific advancements. The conference united individuals committed to pushing the frontiers of Chemical Sciences & Life Sciences. With a central emphasis on the latest breakthroughs in these domains, the event provided a platform for researchers, academics, and practitioners to engage with the most recent developments shaping our scientific landscape.

This abstract book contains a varied selection of contributions from a broad range of participants. The abstracts and papers reflect the dedication and innovation that drive scientific exploration. The conference aimed to foster the participation of both emerging talents and seasoned experts, creating an inclusive environment that encourages learning and collaboration. As you browse through these abstracts, you will gain insights into the exciting projects and groundbreaking research that were presented during the conference. We hope that these pages will not only give you a glimpse into the depth of knowledge shared but also inspire you to explore the fascinating realms of Life and Chemical Sciences further.

We express our deep appreciation to all the attendees who greatly enriched the conference with their valuable contributions. Additionally, we would like to acknowledge the priceless support and collaboration opportunities offered by distinguished international researchers and industry professionals, which further enhance the potential impact of these scientific pursuits.

This abstract book is an exceptional representation of the spirit of exploration, innovation, and collaboration that characterizes the International Conference on Life and Chemical Sciences. Hopefully, the knowledge shared within these pages will spark curiosity and drive transformative advancements for years to come.

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