Research Design Lecture By Dr. Ghazala Ali KhanResearch Design Lecture By Dr. Ghazala Ali Khan

Knowledge improvement/enhancement

Create new Knowledge

To Tell the reader what your research is about and use my work as guide for future research.

It should be backup with Observed /experimental Data which requires the proper process of research

Where does a thesis start?

Be more specific as u start

One sentence

what does hot weather play role in agriculture & why it is important?

Revise your question based on your reading

what does hot weather play a role in agriculture outcomes & why it is important?

Be clear to answer the questions in statement, support answer with focus examples, with in a creative & thoughtful way.

(somehow reflect objective, study area/population, and location)

•It should be not more than 10 to 15 pages

•Reflecting the background and depth of the problem in global, regional, and local contests with logical reasoning and references must be cited as per the recommended style by the Institute/university

Specific statements that reflect what actually you want to find out from the study

Study Design, duration, Sample size, Sampling techniques, operation definition,  data collection and evaluation/analysis process and plan/techniques

Questioner, Sampling, audio/video tools etc.

●procedures/methodologies/steps (that are developed after decades of research) are followed to achieve the objectives.

●These are considered valuable because they are free from any biases and subjectivity. And we can draw results/conclusions by following these.

Research design refers to the overall plan and structure of a research study, including the methods and procedures used to collect and analyze data.

It involves several key elements, such as:



▶Homeless People / Criminal

▶Use of Medicinal Plants, to cure diseases

▶Data of Local healers / practitioners and their recipes

This sampling allows researchers to divide particular populations into subgroups called Strata


Institute….. 03-Subjects…. Take sample from each subject… for analysis

There are several types of research designs, including:

 Involves manipulating one or more variables and measuring their effect on a dependent variable.

In-depth examination of a single case or a small number of cases.

Three basic reasons to choose Case Study Design;


▶How Moral Education Affects Students Attitudes

▶How Slang Words Effect Society and Langue

▶Involves collecting data through self-report measures such as questionnaires or interviews.

Its non-experimental Research

Or a part of experimental research


Collect info from a group of population with different Subjects (Hospital, Cancer, Types of Cancer, Gender, stage of disease, etc.

These research designs can be used in various fields including;

Knowledge / Information is normally based on;

Beliefs, Intuitions & Opinions

Believing something does not make the knowledge true

A strong belief can also be turned false

If someone has an opposing belief than how can we decide Who is right and who is wrong??

In this case: A systematic Process is the best way to create knowledge

•Aimed at discovering, interpreting, and revising knowledge or information.

Research involves:

1.Identifying a research question or problem

2.Conducting a literature review to understand existing knowledge

3.Designing a methodology to collect and analyze data

4.Collecting and analyzing data

5.Drawing conclusions and making recommendations

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