Applications of FT-IR SpectrscopyApplications of FT-IR Spectrscopy

Well, it all started with smart folks like Robert A. Millikan and his mates back in the mid-20th century. They were like the pioneers of infrared light understanding. Later, others like Peter Fellgett and Rudolf Kompfner added their spice to the mix, and voila, FT-IR spectroscopy was then presented.

FT-IR works by shining special light on molecules, making them excite and vibrate. The magic conductor, called Fourier Transform, turns these vibrations into a special peak– (the molecular). Each part of the spectra tells us something unique about the molecules, like their secret codes.

It has three main regions: Near, Mid, and Far. Near is all about stretching and bending, Mid reveals details about different groups in molecules, and Far explores low-energy vibes, giving us insights into crystal structures. It’s like different floors for molecules!

FT-IR Helps solve the unidentified substances at crime scenes. Think of it as Private eye for molecules.

Makes sure your pills have the right ingredients. It’s like a superhero pharmacist.

Keeps an eye on our planet, making sure the air and water are clean. Total environmental superhero vibes.

Checks your snacks and drinks to make sure they’re safe and tasty. It’s like a molecular food critic.

Dives into the molecular structure of things like your favorite toys or cool sneakers. Making sure they’re made right.

IT can be used for materials chemistry and nanoparticles. FT-IR is like a tiny explorer, helping scientists understand how materials are made and ensuring that super tiny superheroes called nanoparticles are doing their job right. It’s like the guardian of the tiny world, making sure everything is top-notch.

FT-IR spectroscopy is not just for scientists in lab coats. It’s like magic glasses that help us see and understand the invisible world around us. So, as we keep exploring, the magic of FT-IR, our special tool for decoding the language of molecules. It’s like having a chat with the bits that make our world awesome.



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