What is a research paper?What is a research paper?

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Before starting to write your research paper it is important to understand what it is exactly that you are writing. If you were given a great opportunity of being able to pick your own topic to write about it maybe a good idea to choose something you know you are comfortable to talk about for a long period of time.something that you may consider yourself passionate about.

Now that you are comfortable with your topic. It’s time to do research. If you are struggling with what exactly you need to research, just think of these five key questions and try to use as many as you can in research paper: what? Why? When? Where? And How? Write down as much information you can but make sure that your notes are clear and we’ll organized as it will make putting every together in the end a lot easier.

Try to find any information on the topic that people tends to ignore this may add uniqueness to your paper which is excellent as you want to stand out.are there strong debate revolving around your topic what are they? And why are they so strong? Feel free to share your own personal opinion to the topic, if you have unique opinion that’s even better. Have there been any recent changes to your topic.

As many of us have learnt in life practice makes man perfect. After gathering as much information surrounding your topic is possible, attempt a first darft. Create what your research paper will roughly look like when it is completed. Don’t be too much concerned about making sense 100 % percent or looking perfect and having correct spelling and grammar, this is just a draft. You will have the opportunity to develop later on.

Once you are happy with your previous darft, it’s finally time to write your actual thing.

Remember to start with a good introduction here is where you should try have to answer what? Why? How? Questions in order to properly introduce your topic to the readers. Follow up with a well detailed body and text and make sure your paragraph are organized and you are being clear on the subject. Using an outline for this part will be extremely helpful if you stuck . Finally end with a conculsion. You don’t want to end your paper with any question unanswered or new information you wouldn’t be able to discuss, you want to give the readers a sense of finality.

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