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A research problem statement and a research gap are fundamental components of a research project, and they serve distinct purposes:

  • The research problem statement defines the specific issue or challenge that the research aims to address.
  • It describes the problem, its context, and its significance.
  • It often includes background information and provides a clear understanding of what needs to be investigated or solved.
  • It typically answers the questions: “What is the problem?” and “Why is it important?”
  • A research gap is the knowledge or information that is currently missing or not well-understood in the existing literature.
  • It represents the space or area within a particular field or topic where further research is needed.
  • Identifying a research gap involves recognizing what aspects or questions related to the research problem have not been sufficiently explored.
  • It typically answers the question: “What do we not know or understand yet in this area of research?”
  • The research problem statement focuses on defining and describing the specific problem or issue you intend to investigate.
  • The research gap highlights the existing deficiencies or gaps in knowledge related to the problem.
  • The research problem statement often includes information about the problem’s background, context, and significance.
  • The research gap identifies areas within the problem where current knowledge is lacking or insufficient.
  • The research problem statement is a foundational element that sets the direction for the research and provides a rationale for its importance.
  • The research gap guides researchers in selecting specific research questions and objectives that aim to fill the identified gaps in knowledge.

In summary, the research problem statement defines the problem to be addressed, while the research gap identifies what is not yet known or understood within that problem’s context. Both are crucial for shaping the scope and direction of a research project.

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